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Tim Ritter Official Web Site


The latest up-to-the minute details on Tim Ritter's book and film work!

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2012 Update! It's Official! DEADLY DARES: TRUTH OR DARE PART IV is in regional theatrical release and we're gearing up for limited edition DVD release! For more details and to follow the action, go to Tim Ritter's Facebook page here

TRUTH OR DARE?- A CRITICAL MADNESS returns to DVD with new artwork for a limited time! Get one while supplies last at a great under $10 price!

We also have a Youtube presence as well, chalk full of trailers, interviews, and clips from our past and present productions. Check it out here: Twisted Illusions Entertainment on Youtube

RECONCILED THROUGH THE CHRIST RECONCILED THROUGH THE CHRIST continues to find new viewers worldwide and we appreciate all the wonderful feedback we continue to get from those who connect with this movie. DVD copies can still be purchased everywhere, including Amazon.com . Check out the RECONCILED trailer here.

The award-winning 2009 Documentary CRIMSON CARNAGE - The Making Of Truth Or Dare, A Critical Madness, can be viewed FOR FREE in its entirety on Youtube. Just follow the link and ENJOY- our free gift to anyone interested in seeing this documentary. At this time, CRIMSON CARNAGE will not see release on DVD, only as a free view on the Net. Enjoy! Truth Or Dare Movies On Youtube As the 25th Anniversary of TRUTH OR DARE approaches in 2011, we'll keep you up-to-date on this site with anything new that might happen to celebrate this landmark, including Special Edition DVD releases and more!

Camp Motion Pictures recently re-released KILLING SPREE in a deluxe new DVD edition. This jammed packed SPECIAL EDITION includes an all-new trailer and photo liner inserts not seen on the original release. All other content from the original SRS Cinema release remains intact, including commentaries, promo videos, and making-of documentary. Pick up a copy today at Amazon.com

WICKED GAMES SNUFF, the incredibly sought-after 2005 German recut of 1994's WICKED GAMES with brand-new footage, alternate takes, and never-seen-before footage, still has not received an official U.S. DVD release. We are working diligently on this and hope to have it see the light of day sometime in the future. For a preview of the movie, check it out here.

UNREEL UNREEL, Tim Ritter's second novel, a "fictional autobiography" that deals exhaustively with his real-life experiences working in the independent B-movie scene for the last twenty years, is STILL AVAILABLE through Publish America. THE HAMMER WILL FALL is also still available through the same publisher. Copies also show up from time to time at Amazon's Marketplace on Amazon.com. Ritter is currently working on a new book, but at this time, there's no word on what it is or when it might be completed and released. Stay tuned!

One of the most asked questions we receive is "how can I get ahold of a copy of TRUTH OR DARE?- A CRITICAL MADNESS on DVD?" Unfortunately, the official DVD release is Out Of Print, but you can still pick up copies through Amazon.com and the Amazon Marketplace. Used copies of the official disc are steep (past the $300.00 mark in some cases!) but the official distributor occasionally pumps out DVD-R copies that retail for $20.00 and has them listed. You can also view TRUTH OR DARE? A CRITICAL MADNESS (and KILLING SPREE, for that matter!) on Netlix.com Streaming! Additionally, all of our classic titles are available for rental on Netflix.com or purchase through Amazon.com- they are not difficult to find at all, except when they go out of print. But there always seems to be a way to view these films and videos with a little bit of digging in this Cyberworld!

Tim Ritter has recently completed screenplays for both proposed TRUTH OR DARE and KILLING SPREE remakes. TRUTH OR DARE is in Florida moviemaker Robert (REALMS OF BLOOD) Massetti's hands and the latest info on this can be found here. Filmmaker Richard R. (ACTRESS APOCALYPSE) Anasky will be directing KILLING SPREE A.D. as well as another screenplay that Ritter penned with a tentative title of WHEN BLOOD IS NOT ENOUGH. WBINE is a 'dramatic spoof' on Ritter's BLINDED BY THE BLOOD documentaries. Anasky can be reached through his Shadowed Images production company through Myspace.

Amazon.com is THE place to order Tim Ritter movies on DVD. Currently available titles include: RECONCILED THROUGH THE CHRIST, TWISTED ILLUSIONS 1 & 2, THE ALIEN AGENDA, BEYOND THE LOST WORLD: THE ALIEN CONSPIRACY, TRUTH OR DARE, WICKED GAMES, CREEP, REALMS OF BLOOD and KILLING SPREE. So order your copies today! Most titles are also available for rent through Blockbustervideo.com and Netflix.com. So check 'em out! And buy 'em while you can----when these titles sell out of their current stock, they may not be released again for a very long time, if at all! Especially the "limited edition" releases!

A SPECIAL THANKS from TIM RITTER to all the FANS who continue e-mailing him with their kind words about his books and movies. "I really appreciate the nice comments I've been getting from everyone," Ritter said recently. "Without an audience, there would be no reason to do any of this. So thanks for the support---I really appreciate it."


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